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About the Game

 Reborn: The Invessi Chronicles is a gritty, paranormal mystery-packed role-playing game set in a dark distant future.

Awaking aboard a crippled courier, a band of prisoners with shattered memories discover they may no longer be entirely human.  It quickly becomes clear they are the focus of sinister and powerful forces.  Marooned on a remote wilderness, they must grapple with the mysteries of their past and what is happening to them.  Staying alive may be the least of their problems.

RIC  is a play-by-post roleplaying game where 2 - 5 players work cooperatively to survive an exotic rainforest and solve the supernatural mysteries that have engulfed their characters.

The Reborn player interface offers a feature rich online interface for groups of players to play online in an exciting new science fiction campaign by Gary Allen. Like nothing before it, Reborn offers an unparalleled interface that supports the best traditions in science-fiction role-playing.

Play with 1 - 4 friends or other players from around the world.  You can set the number of days (between 30 and 90) that players have to post their instructions for the next round. There's no need to worry about time zones or sychronizing your watches.  You are in control... even if your character isn't. Play at your own pace, with each member of your group posting their instructions for the round via the RIC Round Manager.

Neither graphic-card or bandwidth hungry, Reborn is a text-based gaming experience which focuses on imagination, narrative and dialogue, where the players have an active role in the direction of the story. 

Even though Reborn: The Invessi Chronicles is principally a text-based role-playing experienced, it is packed with awesome 3D artwork by talented artist Patrick Turner.

During the course of the game players can access a wealth of background information and resources, roll online and follow the development of their character via your campaign's own web site. 

As the game progresses the information available to players changes, as their knowledge of themselves, the rest of their group and the mysterious universe expands.

It is completely free to play RIC - there are no hiddern fees.

Ready for a new brand of sci-fi adventure? 
Strap in and start your thrilling ride today